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What is Periodontal Disease? | Midwest Dental Center

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Periodontal disease spans from mild gum inflammation to periodontitis, a severe oral condition leading to soft tissue and bone damage. Periodontitis stands as the primary cause of adult tooth loss in the United States.

Understanding Periodontal Disease at Midwest Dental Center

At Midwest Dental Center, we emphasize the importance of combating gum disease through proper oral hygiene practices. Daily brushing, flossing, and regular professional cleanings are paramount for maintaining optimal oral health. Neglecting these routines allows plaque to accumulate on teeth and along the gumline, potentially hardening into tartar. Only dental professionals can effectively remove tartar buildup.

The Progression of Gum Disease

Untreated gum disease can escalate. When tartar accumulates unchecked, it may lead to gingivitis. Symptoms include red, swollen gums prone to bleeding during routine activities like brushing or eating. Chronic halitosis, sensitive teeth, and chewing difficulties are common indicators. Professional periodontal treatment becomes necessary to prevent gingivitis from evolving into periodontitis.

Left untreated, gingivitis progresses to periodontitis, the most advanced form of periodontal disease. Periodontitis causes gums to recede, forming pockets along the gumline that are difficult to clean without professional intervention. Without prompt treatment, periodontitis can ravage bone, gums, and soft tissues, compromising overall oral health.

Contributing Factors and Health Implications

Numerous factors contribute to periodontal disease, including poor oral hygiene, diabetes, smoking, and hormonal changes. Certain medications and AIDS treatment can also heighten risk. Recent studies have linked untreated periodontal disease to adverse effects on overall health, particularly for patients with cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Additionally, periodontal disease increases the risk of pregnancy complications like low birth weight or premature birth.

Our Expertise in Periodontal Care

At Midwest Dental Center, A.J. Salerno, DDS, our team is equipped with the training and experience to diagnose and treat every stage of periodontal disease. If you’re experiencing symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact our office and schedule a consultation. Your oral health is our priority.

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